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Yamaha Propellers

When it comes to propping your outboard, one size does not fit all. There are too many variables involved, such as boat size, horsepower, application—even altitude. Even with all of that to consider, there are ways to zero-in on what you need.

Generally speaking, the right propeller will allow your engine, under a normal or heavy load, to reach the upper portion of the wide open throttle (WOT) range specified by its manufacturer, without exceeding it. For example, if your outboard’s WOT is 5000-6000 RPM, you need a propeller that will allow your engine to turn between approximately 5700 and 6000 RPM, with an average load in the boat. Many things affect load, such as fuel levels, full bait and/or live wells, batteries, passengers, equipment like anchors and ropes and safety gear like PFDs and fire extinguishers. Be sure to account for everything when determining your load weight

With all that Yamaha has to offer in regards to propellers, virtually any boat can perform at its peak. That includes yours. From large offshore boats to family and water sports boats to the fastest of bass and bay boats, Yamaha has a propeller solution that's just right for your application. Yamaha propeller solutions. Well beyond expectations.

Impact Inflatables will gladly help you with your Yamaha propeller selection. Just call if you have any questions.