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TurboSwing XM
TurboSwing XM

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Our Price: $529.95

Product Code: TURBOSWING

There’s one sure-fire way to increase the fun-factor of your outboard powered boat: turn it into a water sports wonder and start pulling inflatables!

Everyone from kids to teens to adults will enjoy riding behind the boat on a wakeboard, kneeboard, tube, or water skis. But you may have some big problems to grapple with. If your boat wasn’t designed for watersports there may not be anywhere to install a ski pylon. And if there’s a spot for one but the boat didn’t leave the factory equipped for water sports, installing a pylon after the fact may require some serious structural modification. Luckily, now you’ve found the answer to this problem.
The patented technology elevates the tow rope above the wake like wakeboard towers and pylons only without using up valuable real estate inside the boat.

The TurboSwing is constructed of 316-grade stainless-steel (with the exception of strong, self-lubricating Delron parts in the pulley and friction discs) and we back it up with a full 5-year guarantee on all parts. It can be installed in an afternoon. And most important of all, it can boost your boat’s fun-factor right through the roof—just ask the kids after towing them around the lake a few times, and we’re sure they’ll agree.

The TurboSwing unit can be removed in seconds with the included quick-release clips. But you may want to leave the unit in place while using your boat for activities other than watersports since it creates a ring of protection around your outboard while still allowing it to be trimmed all the way up and out of the water.

TurboSwing XM30-40 HP6442733.1 x 27.2 x 1.577.5
TurboSwing XL30-140 HP6419142.2 x 31.9 x 1.5710
TurboSwing XXL150-250 HP6419246.8 x 40 x 1.5713

Easy DIY Installation

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