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High heat and tropical areas are the harshest on synthetic material. We frequently encounter problems with boats that are kept in areas with high humidity levels and exposure to high UV rays. Over time, the heat and humidity will put the glue to the test which will result in the seams losing their adhesion. For synthetic materials that will be exposed to high heat levels and UV rays, we recommend welded seams.



Years of experience have shown that Hypalon material with its rubber based coating can last for years. We have chosen only the best materials in the market for INMAR inflatable boats. Orca's Hypalon is produced in France and is today's leader in the military world for the construction of inflatable boats. They have been proven for years to stand up again and again. Orca offers a 10 year manufacturer's warranty against delimitation and manufacturer defects. Hypalon material uses a different glue and process type that is not easily affected by extreme climates. Hypalon, is the most difficult of the three materials to prepare for seam adhesion and must be all be done by hand. This labor intensive process reflects on the higher costs of all Hypalon boats, but they are the most rugged for any climate.


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