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inmar-yacht-tender-luxury-sale-inflatable-boat-grey inmar-tender-luxury-inflatable-aluminum-floor-yacht-boat-aluma-lite inmar-tender-luxury-inflatable-aluminum-floor-yacht-boat

INMAR inflatable boat military patrol rescue search red grey black

Due to the importance of material fabrication on inflatable boats, we have separated our boats into different categories. When choosing the material type, the main concerns are heat and UV protection. If you live in an area where there is high heat and humidity, then choose a boat material that is appropriate for this weather type. Our boats provide operation and designs that guarantee great performance regardless of the material you select.

INMAR inflatable boat military patrol rescue search red grey black

inmar-inflatable-rib-patrol-military-grey-black-rigid-hull-boat-home inmar-grey-inflatable-rib-patrol-military-police-department-search-and-rescue-fiberglass-boatinmar-red-inflatable-rib-fire-department-search-and-rescue-fiberglass-boat



Inmar Marine Group, based out of San Diego, California, is an American owned and operated producer of inflatable boats suitable for a variety of fields and industries. We cater to the needs of military, dive and rescue, government, and recreational customers. Inflatable boats from Inmar come with a low price guarantee to ensure you’re receiving the best price for the product and ship securely via DHL. Visit Inmar Inflatables today for rescue boats, tender boats, military boats, outboard boat motors and more!