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Inmar vs Achilles - Inflatable Boats

Inmar vs Achilles® - Rescue Inflatable Boats

We get asked every day “What is the difference between Inmar® Rescue Boats and Achilles® Rescue Boats?” “What makes Inmar Boats different than Achiles?”, “Which is better? How do your boats compare?”

In this short article will be showing you spec by spec comparisons between two very similar models made by each manufacturer so that you can see for yourself some simple comparisons. There is no denying that Achilles® are a fine product. Although in today's market the industry has changed. Inmar is producing high-quality military rescue boats for a majority of the agencies throughout not only the U.S, but also many of the military forces throughout the world.

Here at Inmar we also have years of combined manufacturing experience building inflatable boats. We offer new innovations that bring to the market a highly competitive product, without sacrificing quality.

The Inmar 380-SR-HYP and Achilles® FRP-124 are both made to commercial rescue standards. We both choose Hypalon fabrics fro our construction. Hypalon inflatables allow the best resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light. Both are used by Military and Professional organizations throughout the world.

Please take a closer look at all our models, and if you need help choosing the correct boat for your mission, please feel free to call out team.


Length: 12' 6" 12' 4"
Beam: 6' 5" (wider beam) 5' 3"
Hull weight: 225 lbs (thicker floor) 154 lbs
Capacity: 6 person 5 person
Maximum HP: 30 HP (stronger transom) 25 HP
Tube diameter: 20" (larger tubes) 17"
Fabric: Commercial grade Hypalon Commercial grade Hypalon

Achilles® is a registered trademark of Achilles Inflatable Crafts